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Hey, my name is Nick and this site seem cool, I joined this site because I am going to need some help... for my bike/scooter. I haven't got the motor yet, but i need to know what kind of motor to get and know how to make the bike to idle with the motor. Then I can share some photo of it.

Right now, I need to know what the strongest and smallest and (of courses) the cheapest motor i can find. I dont get it about the clutch thing and the sprocket... any deep detail for them?

Have a good one



WELCOME! The biggest stumbling blocks for newcomers can be the clutch and the sprocket.

The clutch needs a lot of force to get it adjusted in place just right. we have diagrams and tips on getting it right, but it does involve a bit of trial & error. (with the clutch handle fully pulled in, the rear wheel should move freely, with the clutch out it catches the engine for starting, but it's the difference of a half and inch on the cable)
The sprocket requires tightening in a star formation so no one bolt is tightened too much at once. As long as you get past these two things you're all set to ride!


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Dec 15, 2006
welcome to MBc ! :D
read all you can and your planning/build will go easier !!!


Apr 23, 2007


I have found most of the mistakes I made inside the posts of this forum. If only this place had been arround when I did my first builds, I would have had alot less hair pulled out!

Good luck

Jim H

Welcome! If you can control the overwhelming desire to build immediately (you really have to fight it) and read all you can in here first, you'll have a first rate build and will save yourself untold frustration...


Welcome aboard! At the risk of sounding repetitive, read all you can here.
That is one of the reasons as to why we are here- previous experience from others and their "Hip Tips and Tricks" can make the difference between a fun build, enjoyable maintenance, and many yaers of riding pleasure; or frustration and heartache.
Read, research, learn all you can, and when you begin to build the bike, we are always here to give a guiding hand (or sometimes an ear to bend if you need to take five and vent a little from that darn cable adjustment! LOL) in the process.
There's maintenance tips, there's pictures, there's adventures; it's all here...
So, take the time to read, and enjoy the comraderie and community.
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Thanks every one for the warm welcoming
I think I got it about the clutch thing. The prob is i dont know what exact kind of motor to get and what kind of clutch thing. I wight about 150 lb and the bike is about 50 lb with no motor. I need to know about the cc, i dont even know what a cc mean. And another thing I need to know about horse power, I just want the bike go about 70 mph or more. My bike can take any engine that has 1 to 3 cylinders. Any one know where to get a good and cheap one. or even a broken one? If you do would you guys tell me that would be really cool :cool:


you're in "introduce yourself" and your questions will only get lost in here...

go into the general and technical areas, check out electric, rack mount, & heritage, too, since you seem undecided...and a bit un-initiated...you have to learn a few things before you can really go any further, so...

read read READ everything with a subject line that interests you, go back several pages to find some great stuff...when you find a topic that gets close to your question post a "reply" and ask for help or answers.

welcome to MBc :cool: