Hey now.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by seca40, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. seca40

    seca40 New Member

    Just checkin in from New Mexico. Great site.

  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    We're glad you found us.

    But come back quick and tell us more about yourself. Do you have a motor assisted bike? If so, we definitely want to know about it, any mods you've made, your rides, etc.

    We practically live on that stuff.

    See you around
  3. seca40

    seca40 New Member

    Alrighty then. I've been buildin a bike for a couple weeks. I have a thread going on it at that "other" MB site. Check it out here if you want.


    I wanted to post here so I could get past the SPAMWALL then I can chime in on all y'alls threads now and then. Thanks for the welcome.