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    Alan from Philly here.
    First, I want to say, you have a great site here. Real community. And the information here is more than complete, for anyone starting out, right up to the seasoned mechanic.
    I'm not new to bikes with motors. In '72 I got my first minibike. A Toyoca 4hp. From there, I purchased a used '72 Harley-Davidson Shortster 65cc 2-stroke, next was a Harley Z-90. After a several year break, I re-entered on a Honda Elite 80cc scooter. Since then I've owned over twenty bikes, including a Tomos Revival, and my current ride a Kawi 1600cc touring bike. I'm not here to talk about those bikes though. I have another love. It's a 70cc 2-stroke mountain bike. Nice alternative to the 800 lb bike.
    A few years back, I purchased the US Pro-Drive electric kit by Currie. It was great but it weighed a ton, and you never really knew when it would die. And to charge it took a while. So lately a voice inside has been saying, "get a gas motor." I did just that. Now at 47 years old, I'm looking over my shoulder for cops, and riding with my finger near the kill switch. Yesterday, I approached an intersection, and low and behold, a police van with two cops was sitting right there. I killed the engine, and pedaled right passed them. I don't even think they noticed the engine. Since these bikes are wayy illegal in PA, I'm trying to maintain possession of this toy. Don't need some officer taking it home to his son. This seems to make my trip even more exciting. Like I just got away with something.(I guess I did)
    Will I ever grow up ? NO!. When that happens, it's over. My advice to the younger ones. Get out there and ride man.!!! Those will be your memories to reflect on later in life. Just get out there. And don't do anything I would do.

    Ride safe,

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    Welcome to MBc Alan. You'll find a lot of ppl here way older then your 47 years and they too still think they're kids. LOL
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    Welcome aboard, Alan. You rascal. :grin:
  4. Welcome Alan! I remember years back on I-70 crossing PA that was the only state that kept the 55 mph speed limit. Everyone else was doing okay with the 65 mph limit.
    I guess that's just a pretty strict state. Maybe they'll get more lenient when gas approaches 5 bucks a gallon.
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    I remember those days. :smile: Our laws are so backwards. Guys on 1800cc bikes doing 70 with no helmet are perfectly legal, but a bicycle with a pocket-sized motor can be a problem if you get a cop who's having a bad day. For the most part, the police could care less when they see a balding middle-aged man on a motorized bike. I think there's bigger fish to fry. I hope.
  6. Alan
    these bikes are in a gray area in PA. in the five years of ridding these bikes I had one cop say something to me. I told him it was under 25cc (it wasn't) then said "thanks" and moved on slow. I ride everywhere the cops now wave at me. if you don't ride like a nut & obey the rules of the road you'll be just fine. if you were a young kid there might be a different story !!
    have fun/Mbikey
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    47!!! Jeepers you are no old. Jut seasoned well and smelly. Welcome to the tribe from the Giant Side of Texas!
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    Welcome to MBc ! Home of may answers, and awaiting your ideas. Riding in the cities I always ride "under the radar" keeping it between 15-18 mph. So far so good. When riding in the country side, "let her rip"
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    Welcome to Mbc. :cool:
    More smiles to mile to ya.
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    We must have met before.:grin:
    I have family in Ennis, TX
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    Welcome to MBc, from Fort Worth. I went to a monster truck show at the Texas Motorplex drag strip in Ennis. They are really big kids!