Hey ya'll, I'm from New Braunfels, Texas.

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    The real name is Robert and I am 48 yo. I've been around motorized bikes for awhile now, 1997 was my introduction to them. It happened out of a need for transportation, DWI, totaled my truck in accident and a suspended Drivers License. A "biker" (motorcycle) friend of mine told me about a friend of his that had this old bike with a motor mounted on the front end just sitting around collecting dust in his garage. I never did find any markings on it for a brand, but for those old timers around here, see if you know what it was by the discription.

    As stated, it was front wheel drive, it had a hard plastic gear like roller held against the front tire with spring tension. A hand lever with a round ball type handle to engage and disengage drive on tire, much like an old suicide clutch on an antique motorcycle. What looked like a 3 speed gear changer was used as the gas throttle with little to no return spring action. In order to stop it was necessary to manually throttle back the gas, remove left hand from handle bars to disengage roller from tire with the hand lever and then apply hand brakes.

    This was not a very good set up for a person who was known for drinking and driving. It was suppose to have been my way to get around the DWI Laws in Texas, at that time the setup was legal. Go ahead and get your laughs in. Here some more. Needless to say no one told me I about drinking and riding this thing. It sucked big time. Good thing it siezed up before I got seriously hurt or killed.

    Warning: Do Not Try The Above At Home or Any Where Else. All Acts Above Were Preformed By a Legitiment Drunk And Should Never Be Attempted With The Use Of Any Alcoholic Beverage Consumption Before Riding Any Motoredbike.

    I have not had a drink in over 9 yrs now, but I have gone thru a ZipCycle engine, and a 49cc SkyHawk. I currently have a 66/80cc SkyHawk mounted on the same bike I started out with many years ago.

    I got my drivers license back, I own another truck, and I still get out and ride my motoredbike for fun and for lower gasoline cost.

    Anyways, I am glad that I have wondered upon ya'll and I do believe we shall have some more laughs in the future.


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    welcome to MBc, Robert.

    good story!

    your first kit mighta been a bike bug, or a chicken motor.
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    ah, not a bike bug

    the old memory cells have been refreshed, thanks.

    it was not a bike bug, it was an aqua bug, very simuliar to the motors used on the bumber boats.

    again thanks and here is a link to a family of bug bikers I have found since recieving your reply.

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    Those have the little Tanaka on them. Welcome to MBc from the west edge of the Giant Side of Texas!
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    Welcome to MBc

    All the best