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    Hey all.

    Luke here from the Adelaide Hills South Australia.

    OK, background....


    Ex Downhill racer.

    Bike collector/builder

    Shed dweller.

    So A few years back bought a 66cc Motorwizza for $100. It had only been run in! Since then I have flogged the **** out of it untill recently when it retired, well over 5000km under its belt. My first steed was a 1950s/1960s? Malvern Star 2 star, 28 inch wheels and a lock on throttle cause it was all I had. You can see it it the background of this shot.


    Shortly after I started hammering the local MTB trails I caught up with one of the Screaming Emus. Now a bonified member.

    Then I scored a cromo MTB frame in hard rubbish collection. Set it up with old DH gear and loved it ever since. XC trails at DH speed.

    I am a member of another bike crew here in Adelaide called the Boneshakers.

    http://www.boneshakers.com.au/ (not sure I can post links yet?) But check this site out.

    Here is a Boneshaker Trike I built from Junk. A story for another day.

    trikeshow012-3.jpgclick me

    My backyard is all about action.

    May-June2010015.jpgclick me

    These dudes are some other Screaming Emus

    So this site is great. I am hooked on Wild in the Streets. Hungry for that at the moment. Hope to learn alot more here in the future. In return I hope to add where I can.

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    Hi WT, welcome to Motoredbikes!