Tubes HEY! You need air in that tire!

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Large Filipino, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. Okay. I weigh in at 280 right now and the other day this older dude was admiring Cronus as I stopped at the Ace Hardware and thought I needed air in my rear tire because it looked flat when I was riding.
    I had pumped it up to 32 psi and ride it this way for miles and miles.
    The thing is though is that I rather would like to see my tire not look so flat even though on my end it's rather okay.
    So do Bicycle tires really designed for people less than 200 pounds here or should I chance a blowout by putting in some more air?
    I want to add too that when it runs like that looking flat I'm sure that's not good for the side walls.
    Anyone have the answer?
    I'm a bit leary on going any more than 35 psi. It's a Wal Mart Kelvar tire in back with one of them extra thick slime tubes.
    I could actually go wider back there. Currently it's the Wal Mart universal 26 inch jobber I assume it's a 26.1.75.
    But if I go wider would it look more inflated?

  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    Large I thought that most bicycle tires held at least around 40 lbs these days ??
    this has been a basic rule used up top the mountain for a while now
    it's usually ok to inflate 5 lbs over the max stated on tire

    thought being
    most if not all companies would give some lead way -- so we hope anyway..

    about 6 weeks ago I noticed that my friend who owns a HT had a low rear tire
    we told him about it
    there was no tire pump near by
    a while later I was testing his MB
    that back tire folded over and I was on the pavement soooooo fast

    scared for life -- one more time !!!
    careful please Large

    don't want that for you

    as you ride the MB thing
  3. Nuttsy

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    Howdy, Large,
    For any tire on ANY vehicle, it's OK to go 10%-20%, SAFELY above sidewall numbers. Pulling a loaded travel trailer with my truck, at about full load, I tow at max. inflation.

    Bicyclewise, Some folks with balloon tires like the softer ride of underinflation...say 30-35 on a 40-45lb. tire. Obviously at our speeds, high temperature from underinflating is NOT going to be a problem. I would be afraid of pinch flats with too much underinflation that you speak of especially given your...errr...qualifications.
    I say, pump 'em up.
  4. Yea I had a tire EXPLODE on me in the past for inflating to 40 psi but it was also 100 degrees that day so I have that phobia.
    I really should give it some more air.
    I wish though someone out there can make a motorcycle grade tire for us guys.
    Something with at least 2 ply's on the side wall.
    You know what's funny is that I have 32 psi up front and it doesn't ever look flat and I'm even looking at it.
    The trike is just fine because I guess that my weight is evenly distributed in back along with any payload.
  5. loquin

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    I've got that same tire on the front, and I'm heftier than you. Large. inflated to 50 psi, in phx. I've never had a problem with over inflation.
  6. So all week I had my tires to 45 psi because the side wall says inflate 40 - 65 psi.

    Now my tires don't look flat when I ride and then suddenly it seems I have more power because less rolling resistance.

    I'm still scared of blowouts but for now I'm googling plans for an ultra trick dunce cap. Maybe it can make a good helmet.

  7. grouchyolfart

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    Oh, okay, so your tires do have it in writing on the sidewalls. Those balloon type cruiser tires, I've noticed, instruct inflation no more than 35 psi. If ya gotta go more, try changing to "hybrid" tires. The kind they use on mountain bikes, but are meant more for riding on streets. Smooth tread pattern and use 45 to 60 psi. Probably more like those comfort bike tires.

    My weight fluctuates, but when I was about 220, I had my tires inflated to 55 psi. Always have, even from before metabolism slowed down :whistling:, and have never had a blowout. I'll probably consider doing just this when I get my PB project going, cause those stock balloon tires are really soft in comparison.


    Yeah, from what I can gather, tires for comfort or commuter bikes with psi's running 45 to 60 psi have a load rating way over 200lbs. Around the 275lb range. That's per tire. Weight distribution on a trike is slightly higher at the rear, but you still have 2 tires back there. I'd say pump them thangs up. You're well within the tires' parameters for inflation and load.
  8. 40psi and my rear tire exploded 7 miles away from home.
    I've let myself go I'm currently at 290.
    It's an extra thick slime tube on a kelvar tire.
    It has to be the slime.
    I think it's my weight.
    I'm putting Cronus aside for a while till I get my weight in check.
    I may go back with a NoMoreFlats and just make absolutely sure it's perfectly level so it won't go bumpty bumb bumb when I ride.
    At least these tires won't go flat.
    When my tire exploded it blew a hole on my sidewall.
    So that's that.
    I'm on a diet it's really not too bad.
    And wife gave me a Bally's membership.
    I'll continue lurking.
  9. fasteddy

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    Large--Best of luck on your diet. They do work and the feeling of having done it can't be matched.
    Went from 305 to 240 but it took a year. The first month or so your life was in danger if you were carrying a Krispy Kreme but after a while that goes away.

  10. I really don't call it a diet. I just call it when I watch TV and the urge to finish off a bag of potatoe chips hits turn the tv off and clean the house or pull the weeds.
    It's called get a H U M A N portion and chase it down with lots of water.
    It's called eat S L O W.
    I also try to stay away from breads now but not full tilt.
    I figured it this way.
    If I can quit smoking cigs after all these years started at 12 quit at 41 and did it cold turkey I can have the same attitude when it comes to food.
    A little is good for you.
    A lot I might as well go back to smoking it's just as deadly.
    Bally's rule,btw.
    24 bucks a month no contract month to month the showers have stalls no one's looking at my hotness the pool is warm as is the hot tub and the dry and steam sauna's.
    Every piece of equiptment imaginable no one under 18 allowed so it's not a summer kids fest in there it's amazing how many fat people are actually in there no waiting for anything cause I'm there when the rest of the world works.
    I'll still get that 14T freewheel for my Buggy Bike.
    At least that trike has two wheels out back to spread the load. :)
    My goal is to lose 90 pounds and be down to 200 pounds by early spring next year.
    And my daughter is training me until she goes to the Navy in August.
    I'm rather proud of her. She knows more about this than I thought.
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  11. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    Best of luck!

    in 2005, I set out to lose weight and went from 280 to 192. I have gained back some weight in the last couple of years and am between 220 and 230 (but I am 6'3"). I am back to more healthy ways and I want to remain around 210-215. The 190s were not good for me.
  12. grouchyolfart

    grouchyolfart Member

    Sounds like me being at 180. I'm only 5'10". At 180, I looked like the walking dead. I got an earful from my trainer and put some back on. I also reminded him that he was the one that set that target weight. :whistling: 190 to 200 is good for me. Not what the "book" says. I'm supposed to be around 165. I'd look like a mummy.

    Right now I'm at 215. Doc wants me under 200. Slowly. doing pretty much the same as Large. Eat less and more healthy, drink lots of in water. :grin5:

    I'm over 55. Excercise just doesn't take off as much weight as it once did. :confused:
  13. louisbillings81

    louisbillings81 New Member

    tire pressure

    the last 3 bikes ive had said 40-65 psi and 3rd last i did 60 psi 2nd last 65 psi and last bike is the one with motor i had it at 55 pounds... NEVER ONCE HAVE I HAD A BLOWOUT however be warned when stiff they are more prone to flats due to less give unless flat proventive items are put in place and on my motorized bike ive only had one flat in 1000 miles
    my other 2 bikes combined maybe 2 or 3 flats in a combinded 5000 miles and i go off the paved trail so if it says 65 psi its safe to 65 psi cuz if it wasnt they wouldnt print it on the sidewall due to liabailty reasons for lawsuits
  14. machiasmort

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    Read through the thread real quick and saw a few mentions of water. They don't call it the neutrient of life for no reason guy's, please allow me to explain. At 38, it was only about 5 yrs. ago somebody told me, if you urinate and there's color in it, your dehydrated. I started to think about it and he was right. Urine is only one way your body rids itself of toxins and color in it indicates that your putting a beating on your internal organs. Kind of like running an ICE without the proper oil level! If you see color, you need to drink water!

    Large, too many people look at dieting as a scourge. It's not how much you eat, it's what your eating. Start eating all the fruits and veggies you can (as much as you like, when you like) it's the other stuff thats to be stayed away from and limited. Meats, breads, chips ect. should be very limmited. Watch how fast you'll loose and how good you feel!
  15. Pirate88179

    Pirate88179 Member

    My Walmart Cranbrook Cruiser has balloon white walls and it has 40 psi on the side and that is what I have been running. The rear tire, where most of the weight is, (I am running a 50 cc 2 stroke on a BMP rack system) always looks like it could use some more air. I may follow the advice here and give 45 a try.

  16. stv1jzgte

    stv1jzgte Member

    cheap tyres

    I try to look at the inflation range ie 40-80psi the more the better If your tyres limit is 40psi and you weigh anything over a fly's c@#$ then you gunna have trouble.
  17. stv1jzgte

    stv1jzgte Member

    Pardon my stupidity but wtf is an ICE?
  18. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Internal combustion engine! You'd only be ignorant if you didn't know and also didn't ask!
  19. stv1jzgte

    stv1jzgte Member

    Lmao yeh i sorta guessed, you know what ICE is in england? a stereo!
    Here in oz ice is, well its just ice
  20. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    I am over 200 lbs and I run my tires at the max. recommended of 40 psi. Over the winter I am probably going to replace the tires with cream Quick Bricks (runing white Kendas now) just so I can run 60+ psi. Finding white (or off white) tires in 26x2.125 that allow running over 40 psi is kind of difficult.