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    My name is Alex and I'm from Simi Valley In California.

    I have a 60 dollar magna that I got from target and the chain decided to derail from the sprocket, pull down the tensioner, and the tensioner would go into the spokes. did it a few times after 20 minutes of awesome riding. Now the tensioner won't stay put, the chain keeps derailing to the inside, and my wheel is shredded.

    I need new parts for my bike... I need to either find a better tensioner that grips the frame like ****, or eliminate the tensioner and take a risk on the chain size not working out. I need a new rear wheel... but I have no idea how to find an exact match for what I need.

    I am in desperation. Can anyone help?
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    as far as the chain and tensioner subject goes there are hundres of replies here.
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    That's great, but I can't seem to find them. That's why I decided to register.