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  1. ZeroSevenOneEight

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    Well this is my first post. I'm a broke college student in North Carolina. I don't have a motor yet but that was one of the first questions I wanted to ask.

    Do you guys have a specific brand you like to use? I'm looking at either the Jet 48cc, the Grubee 48cc, or the Black Stallion 48cc which would you recommend?

    Also has anyone seen or made a conversion for a small bmx styled bike?

  2. professor

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    Welcome Zero, If I was doing a 2 stroke motor kit I would go with Pirate, have seen many positive comments about Justin. Look at the sponsors list to the left.
    Don't know about fitment to a 20 inch bike.
  3. ZeroSevenOneEight

    ZeroSevenOneEight New Member

    So does anyone else have any suggestions? I'm thinking about just getting a Black Stallion.