Heya! Just found these, perfect option!!

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    I am a student in the Maryland USA area, I have been looking at scooters/motorcycles for a few weeks, then thought if I could put a 80cc engine on a bike - and yes I can (47/49/66cc).

    So I am here to learn, and will be ordering a "kit" as soon as I figure out the best way to approach my bike.


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    Hmm just noticed I cannot really post up new threads, how many posts do I need to post in General Forum? I wanted to ask about 49cc Chinese engines / with possibly Nitrous Oxide (sorry Honda car guy here heh) I think you could inject / shoot nitrous right into the air filter of these engines, and at $80 for an engine I figure it is worth a try, as I would swap sprockets for more high speed (40mph cruising) and use the Nitrous at times to help with slow acceleration...new to this bike thing, but yea, any takes on that?