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    Hey, my name's Christopher, and I'm extremely excited for the DelMar Schwinn Cruiser and 50cc Engine kit I bought the other day, just waiting for it to get here. From Central Indiana, and thought you guys were amazing for having such a wealth of information for beginners. I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you again!

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    Good Luck with that build !!!
    You will have lots of fun !!!
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    Hi Christopher!
    I just finished a Del Mar build! Here's a couple of things I ran ito:
    1. I ended up reversing the sprocket so the concave faced out. This was the only way to clear the tire.
    2. I did have to trim the rear fender for chain clearance.
    3. The Del has a very large tube frame so I had to make a different sized front motor-mount.
    4. Tube size also made me rebend the muffler strap.
    5. No matter how tight or with rubber mounting pieces could I get the chain tensioner to keep from turning into the spokes! I ended up drilling a small hole in the tensioner bracket and bike frame. and pinning it so it wouldn't turn.

    WOW! This weekend was spent having the time of my life! Break-in the motor slowly and you'll have a great time!! TJ
  4. toddjlyons

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    OH, one other thing, depending on your kit you may have to enlarge the center hole on your sprocket. I used a rotory file in an air drill and several (hundred!) strokes of a curved file to get it to fit over the rear hub. TJ
  5. Rainsawck!

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    Toddjlyons, thank you, but you just scared the **** out of me.

    Lmao. I have absolutely no mechanical experience. I don't know what I'm going to do if I run into those problems. @_@

    Thank you for the warning though.
  6. azbill

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    everyone of those things is common, and many have gotten thru it
    just search for your problem and the answers are there
    the wealth of experience here is a pretty cool thing