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    My name is Jordan, I'm a 20 year old Junior at Northern Arizona University. I just saw a motorized bicycle outside of my workplace with a phone number and a for sale on it late last week, and bought it a couple days ago. Within hours, there were pieces fallen off, everything was loose, it doesn't work anymore, and I'm kinda angry (Don't buy from Flagstaff Motor Bikes!)

    Anyways, joining this forum to learn more about my bike and how to fix it and stuff :)

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    Welcome to the forum!
    It sounds like you bought a 2 stroke in frame MB.
    They are notorious for vibrating themselves to pieces.
    In spite of that they are reliable and alot of fun. I should say reliable if you are willing to do very simple routien maintenance on them.
    Look around the forum here, there is an incredible amount of knowledge here, and you will learn just what it takes to keep these little jems alive and flying down the road.
    Double nutting the motor mounts and a bit of Loc-Tite blue on everything else can help stop that falling apart problem.
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    welcome from FH :cool2: