hf 2.5 carb leak

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    I've tried searching and can't find anything so I'm going to ask and hopefully someone on here that knows about carbs can answer me.

    I just got done installing a hf 2.5 engine on my trike. The engine ran fine before I installed it but now as soon as I turn on the gas, it starts leaking out of the little port on the top of the carb. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem here?

    Lee B

  2. RdKryton

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    Sounds like the float is stuck. Tap the carb with a plastic screw driver handle and see if the gas stops flowing out. That usually works unless you have a defective float. If it does not stop either take it back or take the carb apart and see if the float has gas in it. That means it has a hole in it and needs to be replaced. Then take it back to HF for another one. Good luck!

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    RDKryton's just abt got it!
    Are you running a fuel filter?
    A bit of scale from the fueltank could be holding the float valve open, causing it to flood.
    Good luck
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    Yea, it has a brand new filter on it. I'm going to try the smacking it and see if that does it, if not I guess it's time to take it apart and try to find out what the problem is. I'm not that good with small engines so it is going to be guesswork on my part.
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    Smack gently!!! :smash7:
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    Found the problem and it's going now

    I found the problem, I must have slightly bent the hinge on the float when I cleaned it and it was bumping up against the bottom cup. I bent it back slightly and no more leaks.....

    I finally got to take it for a spin. I used what sprockets I had in my box when I built the jack shaft and it's a geared a bit too high. At the moment it's geared for a 38 mph top speed (rather unrealistic there) but I will be changing that for a 25 mph top speed. Even as it is currently setup it will still do over 20 mph with about 1/2 throttle. Any more gas than that and it chokes off at the moment. Once I get it geared down where it belongs it should have plenty of 'get up and go' and trailer pulling capability.

    I need to change the smaller gear on the jack shaft as it currently has a 20t and it needs about a 12-13t gear. I finally found one I can get at Stanton-Inc They are the only place I can find a 12 tooth gear for #41 chain that fits on a 5/8" shaft and I looked on the net for a couple of hours. That place carries a lot of useful stuff for adapting engines to bikes and trikes and they have fast shipping too. I like dealing with them.

    I finally got some batteries for my camera and took a couple of pictures of the new 2.5 hp install on the trike. I know the exhaust pipe looks a little weird at the moment with that sharp angle but I will be fixing that when I can get the right tubing. I just wanted to get it all together and be able to ride it!

    After 2 months of hassling with the regular bike engine I was trying out (and found out I couldn't pedal start with my bad leg once I finally got it on the trike) this thing is going to be a nice change. It pull starts very easily and is much quieter than either the regular bike type engine or the pocket bike engine I used to have on the trike.

    left and right side pics
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  7. RdKryton

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    A cheap fix!

    Glad it's working good for you now! I have had the "stuck float" problem on many different engines over the years. Everything from Honda's, Kohler's, Briggs, Whizzer, Huasuang, Harbor Freight, Onan, Tecumseh, and on and on. It is usually something that can be fixed without buying parts but not always.
    A less restrictive air intake will help you get a little more out of that engine.
    Enjoy the ride!

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    I've never really been any kind of small engine mechanic so it's all new to me and I'm learning about them. The air cleaner actually has a whole bunch of 1/4" air holes drilled in the front of it (can't see them in the pick). I still need to do a little more work on the exhaust pipe (I used what I had on hand just to get it going) but that will be done in a week or two. The biggest thing at the moment is getting a smaller gear for the jack shaft but it's rideable. I've been stuck at home for 2 months and it's so nice to get out again.