HF 2.5 Custom Frame.

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  1. Rgvkid

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    Im finally getting started on a Motored Bike build. Im going for low profile Lunch getter. I have been hitting the swap meets to see what I can pick up as donors and so far have 2 beach cruisers and I scored on a MTB Front Suspension Forks yesterday with Disk caliper for $10. Problem with the forks is that the stem is much taller then most I have seen. I want to cut down the stem and rethread the end to fit on the Beach cruiser stem tube but im afraid i wont be able to find the right thread pitch. I don't want the stemm to be tall and then i'd have to put spacers on top.

    Im planing on running 26 wheel front and Back. Im looking into Maxxis Hook worm 26 x 2.5 for the rear but not sure what wheel size i need for it to fit. I might have to look into a wide rim for the 2.5 tire. Also need to get a 12 gauge spoke wheel for the rear. Im thinking of running a Pirate Billet Sproket to hub adapter on the rear but they are pretty pricy. But I think thats the stongest setup out there for mount the rear sproket and not tearing up the spokes.

    I'll post pics as i go along and try to post one of the front forks i got yesterday. The swapmeet shop don't have much but the typical chinese Components and $10 beach cruiser tires.

    Any tips or links for better pricing would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Rgvkid

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    I found a Guy that had a 12 gauge spoke wheel with a chinese Coaster for $33 at one of the Swap Meet Vendors. Im going to run a Rear disk brake on the Jack Shaft so im not too concerned about burning up the coaster brake.
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    I'm new to all of this myself. I hope someone answers your question on the tire because i would like to run 2.125 instead of the 1.195 i have on my cruiser
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    instead of rethreading the stem tube on the forks, look into "Aheadset" or similar. the same style of bearing as used on bmx and MTB bikes with 28mm headsets that dont use threads.

    im fairly certain that they are available in the smaller 25mm sizes.
  5. Rgvkid

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    I see what your saying head smess. It clamps onto the stem instead. I'll take the forks to the swap meet and see what I can find.
  6. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Most bicycle shops will rethread 1" stems.
    The threading dies are pretty expensive.

    A 2.125 rim works just fine with the Maxxis Hookworms.

    Manic Mechanic has a much more affordable custom sized sprocket
    adapter and will make you a sprocket at the same time if you add it
    on the order.

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