HF 79cc 2.5HP follow-up

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    Early last winter, I picked up one of the HF engines on sale, and with the 20% coupon, got it for less than $80. I knew I wouldn't be needing it immediately, so, I put in oil and gas, and ran it about 10 - 15 minutes, just to make sure there were no problems. It ran fine, so, I turned off the fuel, and let the carb run dry, drained the gas tank, and put the motor on the shelf until I needed it.

    A couple of weeks ago, I pulled it off the shelf, and there was oil everywhere - it had lost most of the oil from the crankcase! Finding a fresh oil leak on a clean surface is tough, but, after some searching, it turned out that the leak was through the crankcase cover itself; there was a casting defect on the cover, at the base of the oil fill neck. Apparently the aluminum casting was a bit ... porous there. Just enough to provide a slow leak.

    The motor was under warranty, but, since this was long past HF's 30 day return window, I had two choices: ship the engine, (at my expense,) to California, or get them to send me the parts to fix it. Since paying to ship it to CA was going to MORE than eat the savings, I opted to fix it instead.

    On a positive note, when I spoke to their customer support department, they were very helpful. I told the guy what had happened, and gave them the info they needed, and they placed an order to get a new crankcase cover, gasket, bearing and seal sent to me, free of charge. The only problem is that they stock NO parts for this motor in the US, so, the order goes to China, with a resulting 6-8 weeks for delivery. :shout: Ouch!

    I think there's a couple of 'morals' here. If you want to use this motor, wait until you will be needing it before buying, or, at least, re-check for any problems before the 30 day return window has run out.

    If you need parts for the motor, be sure to order them at least 8 weeks before you need them... Yeah - I know. The state wouldn't give you a license for that time machine. At least, get a set of gaskets, seals, and maybe bearings on order as soon as you can, because you really don't want to be down for 8 weeks, :whistling: while you're waiting on parts that are on a slow boat from China.
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    I just did the same the other day for the 52cc stroke pump engine. I wanted a spare clutch ("flexible piece" in HF parlance LOL) and bolts to have on hand. Actually those parts are listed for their auger as the pump doesn't use a clutch. Same deal tho--6-8 weeks; not in stock. Glad I don't need them yesterday! Good advice tho, Lou--order some gaskets and wear parts NOW to keep in stock. I went a step further on the purchase too and got a 1 yr. additional warranty. Taking it back to the store for a year is much easier than waiting forever for parts or paying to ship. Worth the $12 extra to me. But I'd still rather not have to use it.
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    alternative Engine...


    I had thought about doing same thing and order engine from China (I am in Thailand Repat. retired) But I had 1984 Yamaha Y-80 Belle 80cc w/ semi automatic transmission (no clutch) @ cycle engine still offered from Yamaha today in beginners offroard motorcycle.

    Engine is small enough that with a little frame work fits fine. Kick start with 6V Magneto system. Easy enough to add Battery and Rectifier for charging. Sytem uses CDI Ignition, so it's a no-brainer.

    I have buit two Chopper bikes here and 2nd is extremely stretched 18" lowered 14"

    See photo before addition of engine

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  4. H F greyhound 2.5 hp ALERT

    Just got back from HF with a model #97964 on sale for $79.99 with 20% off total
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    I was at a HF store myself today for the first time and yeah they had one of those 2.5hp engines left for $80 but to me they are too dang big and heavy for a bicycle. I think the guy said 24 lbs dry weight..... then add oil and gas...... but anyway just hoisting feeling the weight was too much for my needs so I passed.