HF Bicycle Lift

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    I have 4 of these hanging in my garage. They are both a good way to hoist unused bikes out of the way and a decent way to work on your bikes. They only issue I have is the long cord, and the cord is not the best quality. Just keep an eye on the rope.
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    I'm fortunate enough to be able to use a hoist in my shop to lift my bikes up far enough to roll my work table under it. I then lock the casters and lower the bike until it sits on the table but is still supported by the hoist. I then use a tie down strap that ratchets to tighten. I wrap the strap around the top bar and then under the table and tighten it down. The bike cannot move if I put pressure on a screwdriver or wrench or what ever. I got the idea of the strap from another members post some time ago, I'm sorry I don't recall who posted it. As I recall he had a photo posted as well.