HF powered in frame w/ 3speed strumy Archer

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  1. professor

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    Have had this going for a month or so with the 3 speed as a jackshaft. Belt drive (with swinging idler type clutch) goes to an intermediate jackshaft, then to the SA back to rear wheel.
    Using a HT sprocket adaptor on the rear wheel. 24 inch wheels on older Huffy mountain bike frame (extended 3").
    Hidden engine and generator below it (a 24v scooter motor driven by the HF to power lights). Wt. 105.
    Cloud 9 seat (moved back on an adaptor I made).
    Suspension front fork w/V brake adapted to Huffy frame
    Mirrors attach to handlebars via tabs welded to bars= not easily moved out of place.
    Throttle lever is a thumb style bike gear selector slightly modified- acts like cruise control with the engine governor.
    I widened the pedal crank.
    HT clutch lever on left, dual brake lever on right.
    Thumb style derailer selector on left hand with the SA click shifter rotated below that.
    Rear basket is invaluable for carrying stuff, mounted on heavy duty rack I made.
    Top speed about 24 mph, I usually cruise at spandex speed.
    Gas milage 120.
    Only issue is my right knee can graze the air cleaner as I pedal, not a biggie though. Love the bike.
    Licensed as a Puch Moped here in NY (a customized Puch), insured too.

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  2. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    Looks good! Do you have any overheat problems with the engine cover?

  3. professor

    professor Active Member

    There is sufficient air space around the engine, also, a strong wire grid is under the fabric. Oil temp was 170 when I checked it after a run when the engine was working much harder with the old gas/ electric configuration. Now, straight gas power- much less load on the engine because it is more efficient. No problem.
  4. unior

    unior Member

    I cant see the engine behind all the bags, heh. Is that thing HF 52 or HF 79cc powered?
  5. professor

    professor Active Member

    It is the 79. The latest addition is I found I was only getting 1/2 throttle, so now top speed has increased to 30, although the sturmey- archer still has the weird dropping out (that is typical of the SA) and catching- especially at speed.
    Doesn't do it in first or second gear. I am thinking a slightly stronger internal spring in the hub my eliminate that.
    The engine does vibrate when wound up to governor speed, but with the gears, this is infrequent. But I like the engine, I did open the main jet a little as it was too lean. The engine does have a gas smell, so it is not an "in house" motor.
  6. motorpsycho

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    only 30 mph tops with a jackshaft AND a 3 speed hub?
    wow, i'm getting 32 mph top speed out of my single speed, 41 tooth, stock 80 c.c. schwinn occ chopper!!!
  7. professor

    professor Active Member

    The 30 figure is a good guess, judging by my pace with traffic. I am not real comfortable at that speed anyway,since my steed is still merely a bicycle.
    You have to remember the governor- limited HF doesn't rev like the HT.
  8. RdKryton

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    Disconnect the governor. These engines are quite comfortable at 5000 rpms. They will run even higher but I don't need my bike to go any faster. According to the speedometer it has hit 45 mph with two different riders. I have hit 40 myself. That is plenty fast enough for me!

  9. professor

    professor Active Member

    Actually I LIKE the governor. The neat thing about it is if your throttle is adjusted to retain where you set it, the gov. will maintain your speed (as much as the engine is able) where you set it. Can you say "Cruise control"?
    You can pull in the clutch and the engine pretty much just stays at that rpm- The engine does not rev to the sky.
    I don't like the vibe level as I wind it up and don't care to go fast.
    (it is addicting).
    The vibe level is real low at low rpm, I like that.
  10. pucksterpete

    pucksterpete Member

    I have an issue withe my knees hitting the saddle bags I have hiding the engine, I have solved this with an item called KneeSavers,; they are spacers for the pedals & cranks. Maybe they might work for you and the air cleaner. Google the item, you'll find them.