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  1. Ytyukon

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    Am a long time rider over 25 years.
    I used my mountain bike all winter. -25c below 0. no problem at all. i was cold bout it.
    I do have many ideas, tips and tricks so dont be shy to ask me for any advice. the last two projects are still riding strong.
    Can see the 2 bikes good there. The lowrider is my favorite...fricken blast to ride...very fast.
    I am setting off trip from Whitehorse to Inuvik and return...Dempster Hwy. prob middle of june.
    taking the mtn bike for a burn...and running a straight pipe on the mtn bike now.
    going over the mtn bike fine tuning it.
    thats it for now.

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard. Nice bikes.
  3. Ytyukon

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    nope no license up here needed. though need to have insurance and registered.
    thanks like em both :)
  4. 45u

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    Welcome to the forum. I have been up your way on my motorcycle when I went to Alaska. I am glade to see someone else that rides all year round. Does not get near as cold down here.

    No insurance or registration here but we do have to have a valid drivers license or a permit as well as have to wear a motorcycle helmet.
  5. Ytyukon

    Ytyukon Member

    Got some engine repairs to do for the lowrider...gas tank drips to fix. both tanks. small issues.
    I try to ride all year round. but if it gets -25 or colder i tend to take the bus the windchill is just damn cold.
    I am making a dual rear gas tank 4 litre jerry cans attached to rear rack for the mtn. bike. 8 litres. and have the small tank running a dual split line.
    The low rider just a show bike.