hi again, not sure if i can ride in miami fla

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    i was tring to post a reply but i will do it here , i am in south miam, i cant find any bike shops that cater to motorizied bikes (gas), i am still trying to find out what the law is before i buy a motor ,every one i talk to tells me something different, i am using the 49cc as the exemple, the last bit of information i came up with is you can only drive it on private property, that will be with no lights or any thing , i am assuming this , if i and mean if, can title it, get a tag ,put lights on it then i can drive it in the street, i am still checking, i see very few if any gas powered bikes here i have red different posts , i am not geting an answer, i will keep tring thanks

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    Welcome to MBc, Bob. Now that you have introduced yourself, be sure to read all you can, including the 'Stickies' at the top of every Forum. They contain a lot of information. For example, Sticky #1 under "Introduce Yourself" has 20 or so links to "How To." threads, and important pages for you to follow. Sticky #3 has info on Forums...how you are expected to conduct yourself, and where you might find and use various features. However, read all of them, and be sure to use the search feature. Almost every question you might have has already been asked and answered someplace here. If you are still stumped with a certain problem, post your question in the proper Forum and I am sure you will get an answer.

    As far as your question of the legality of riding your MB in Miami, I would suggest you contact the Patrol Division of the Miami/Dade Public Safety Department (otherwise known as the police department.) I suggest the Patrol Division because they are the ones you are most likely to come in contact with, and ask them what they think. Or, try your State Attorney's Office. We have a whole Forum Devoted to "MotoredBiking Laws & Legislation" and you can tell by reading the posts there that this is a question that has been batted and bounced around since MBc first started. I am sorry that I cannot give you any sort of advise since I am not licensed to practice law in Florida. Altho, you can see that many members have contacted many lawyers and government agents and agencies by reading the posts in the MBL&L Forum I referred to above. I wish I could be of more assistance. Good Luck to you.
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    I've posted in the past about Florida's laws. You have two choices electric or meet Florida's moped requirements. Since you want gas Florida's moped laws are under 49 cc, no manual clutching, engine can't drive multiple gears and must have peddles. Just go online and lookup Florida's moped laws.