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    Great site to help and share with one another. Running a 80 cc 2 stroke engine kit on a 26 inch older mountain bike. Had some standard issues - air leak at carb and intake. Solved those from reading here. More puzzling was loss of power but ended up being the needle came unscrewed from carb body. Neil out of Orange County - find him on Craigslist (search bicycle engine kits) figured it out for me. Excellent after sales service from him you don't find much these days. He is a wealth of info and sticks in there to get you up and running. He just got a new shippment of 2 strokes in that are impressive- a few of my friends are close to making an order after seeing how mine is working out. Thanks Neil, might be hearing from me about that 4 stroke of yours -- The Canadian
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    Welcome aboard.

    Sounds like you've got the feel of things already. You had an issue or two and you found the answer here (and from your friend). Good for you!

    You'll have fun. See you around.