Hi All, from Mountain View, CA.

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    Hi, I'm a newbe here but am retired old guy. I live in Mountain View, CA.
    I have owned 14 Harleys, sold all of them. I had a stroke three years ago now I still have some dumbness in my right side, arm and leg but I'm getting better. I peddle around on my 1985 DAHON 16" yellow Getaway 5 folding bike. For longer rides I ride around a lot on my LOREN STEALTH X1 scooter a with 49cc Honda engine. For me the 10" wheels are just too small so I just bought an Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser and plan to install a 49cc Kit Hua Sheng F142 with Grubee Whopper Stopper Stage 11.
    I'm not a writer back; I'm a looker seeing what others are doing.
    I want to build a good MB without any problems or need a lot of maintenance.
    Thank You All
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    Welcome aboard.

    You'll have fun. Keep us posted.