Hi all I'm New to the forums Here and Need Help

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    Hi everybody I'm new in the forum here, I'm Leroy and I live in Jacksonville,Fl ....
    I joined the forums because I've ran across a problem that I haven't had before with my other builds. My motor is free spinning. It doesn't engage the engine at all, the Clutch plate pushes out when i press it and comes back in when i release it; It's just weird to me.. I have a HT Chinese 49cc motor: it was slipping 3 days ago but would start.... Could someone help me out or show me link to to help section. I'm at a lost for words.... Thanks

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    That's a good possibility al, but he said that the clutch was slipping 3 days ago.
    It's a good possibilty that the clutch needs a major adjustment, or the clutch pads are worn out.
    the only way to know is to take it apart and look at the clutch itself.
    It may need an adjustment, new clutch pads, or the woodruff key could be sheared as Al said.
    again, the only real way to know what's going on is to take the right side engine cover off, take the flower nut off from the clutch pressure plate, pull the pressure plate off, and look inside to see what's going on.