Hi, all. Initial questions.

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    Name's Matt... I'm a pro wrestler in training, living 2 hours out of Philly, PA. I got into a little trouble with my license a while back and as a result... Well, I have no license anymore. Oh, well... Now, I'm looking to start putting together a gas powered bike to get to and from work which is a good 16 miles away from my house... I have a few questions... Pennsylvania has ridiculously stringent laws against motorized bikes, in fact the only E-Bike you can legally drive without a class C driver's license is one with a 48cc engine. My question is, how easy is it to tell the difference between a 48cc engine and a 80cc one? And what are the major differences between the two?

    I'm a big guy, weighing 250lbs and would like to be able to reach speeds of at least 25mph on flat roads. What's my best choice for an engine and also, which build of bike makes for the most comfortable ride for the shorter, stockier gentleman like myself?

    Sorry for so many questions... But thanks in advance!

  2. hi Matt.
    In PA it's 25cc . not to worry. In 5 years of riding I've had 1 cop ask me "what size is that" . I told him 25cc & moved on at at nice slow pace. just ride cool & not like a nut & you should be fine.
    good luck
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    Thanks, Mikey. I pretty much just assumed that. I mean, most 80cc engines don't even have any markings indicating the fact. And if worse comes to worse, I can always install a radar detector like that *****in' John Deere bike had. Man that thing was cherry.
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
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    GEBE are pricey but with a 33cc Tanaka, you could claim the engine came off an old 25cc string trimmer you had laying around. No one could argue that one.
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    you could go with 3 different 25cc engines from GEBE...they address all your intitial questions...look at the bike in the golden-eagle link upper left...if i was short & stocky, i'd love it...full-suspension. chinese 2-stroke "happy-time" engines all look the same externally, bore usually being the only difference in size, it can be whatever size you can say it is with a straight face ;)

    but i sure hope you've been reading the different sections here so you can make your own informed decision :)

    welcome to MBc :cool:
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    Welcome to MBc. 25 mph shouldn't be a problem.
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    Welcome, you can hit 25 easy with a < 49cc engine. THe hills, well that is another issue, but I have a nice 18-20 mph speed I like. Welcome from the Giant Side of Texas!
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    welcome dude,

    best of luck with whatever motor you choose.