Hi all new guy here Whizzer ne-r

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by froberti, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. froberti

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    Just bought this bike 2008 ne-r,I have no low end at all top speed on a slight downgrade is about 37,but trying to start on a small up grade almost inpossible unless you got a run for it!I woul;d like to thank anyone that can help in the least bit,I just replaced the front belt on the cvt too.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    There are a few Whizzer experts here.
    Hopefully they can help you out.
  3. Quenton Guenther

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    Welcome to MBc,

    First it is important to know the speedometer is way off on the NE-r and the Ambassador. The tires have a 10% longer travel than the 26 X 2.125 tires the speedometer was made for. If you are going 37 MPH, then add 3.7 MPH, or approx 41 MPH. I just finished a partial upgrade on a NE-r and it hits 42 MPH on the speedometer [approx 46 MPH]. It went faster but owner wanted less noise and the modified WC-1 muffler insert slowed it down 2 MPH.

    I can easily find more power [my Ambassador buries the speedometer or approx 55 MPH] if you need it.

    Lighten the lifters, mill & re-work the head, re-work the cylinder, and use a .010" copper head gasket.

    Have fun,
  4. froberti

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    Whizzer cvt

    Hi agian and thanks for your answers,actually my main question is I need more pull starting out?This is very gutless and I live in Pgh,Pa are and we got hills!!!LOL
    I have just gotten the Whizzer and wanta ise as much as I can before snow flies ,so any tips on how to pull pout quicker ?Thanks in advance
  5. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi froberti,

    I will post a reply in the Whizzer section.

    Have fun,