hi all, this is my intro and I need some help with my skyhawk

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    well I got my first bike and engine combo back in the summer of 2009. I was 20 and just graduated from high school. I have always wanted a bike with the engine kit since I was 13. after I high school I found a job at a car dealership. It was only a 2 minute drive. I was working 40 hours at minimum wage. after my 3rd week I bought the bike and engine. I had a heck of a time putting it together, I thought I had mechanical aptitude to assemble it. well I did then lost the clutch arm thingy. The website I got it from sent me half of what I told them I needed. sadly I did not get a chance to finish the bike engine installation. I was swamped with the cash for clunkers sale. I did detail work, and even new cars a very very very dirty when they leave the factory. anyway I put the bike on the back burner and now 2 years later I am having a problem with the throttle installation. its kinda hard for me to describe my problem but I am sure someone would be able to help me. also I dont no the difference between the old NT carb and the new deluxe NT carb for the grubee skyhawk gt5 2009 model.

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    Welcome to MBc.....Search the site for answers....If you cannot find them post a question in the 2 stroke forum. Or PM me and I will be happy to research your question for you and direct you to the thread.

    But in the meantime.....try this thread and see if it helps. (As far as hooking it up there is not much difference) http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=24867