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    My name is Tom, I live & ride in Wa state.

    My ride:

    Subaru powered TREK 4300 DISC - about 155 MPG - 27 to 32 MPH

    This is my first completed hybrid gas / mountain bike and it turned out quite nicely. Its fast/stable/ and reliable. Best of both worlds!

    TREK 4300 Disc Frame - One year old - The reason I picked this frame is its extremely stable and built like a tank, not twitchy like some hard core race frames. Its all aluminum so its still light.

    EHO35 35cc Robin/Subaru Mini-4 - This is a 4 stroke engine, no need to pre-mix oil/gas. Its fuel and go. Its "very" quite when running not like a two stroke chain saw style motor.

    Custom built, heavy duty rear rim with drive ring & Kevlar drive belt w/ extra kevlar drive belt -

    Extra Drive ring & rear disc rim for easy swapping out for a knobby tire when needed -

    Manitou Minute MRD TCP XC fork (High end XC)

    Hayes Stroker Trail hydraulic disc breaks front and rear

    Upgraded Shamino trigger shifters

    Bar end mirrors

    Two MSR Fuel bottles for carrying extra gas

    Topeak Tube rack & Trunk w/ zip out panniers

    One year old Cateye Mini wireless speedo

    Drifter tires front and rear

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    Welcome to MBc. Sounds like a really nice ride :cool:. My 830 Aluminum saw me reading about it and got jealous. I had to promise to buy her a shift kit to quiet her down enough to fiinish reading :D. Got any pics?:cool:
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    Welcome Tom. Many people from your area. Great bike you have there. I have the same set up.