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  1. KuttinEdge

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    I'm new here having just entered the MB genre by motorizing my recumbent. I purchased the bare bones kit from GEBE, and picked up a 43cc Mitsu clone on ebay for a song. Works great. Engine mounted low makes it handle very well. As you can see, I tow a trailer so the assist is a real knee saver on hills. (My 53 yo knees ain't what they used ta be!) Gotta run in stealth mode tho here where I live. Notice the blackout effect. Hmmm...might get some of that radar absorbent paint...Gotta be careful - cops will bust you here for just lookin funny.

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  2. DieKeis

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    That setup makes me want to get a recumbent. Sweet!

    So what do you tow in the trailer, if I may ask?
  3. KuttinEdge

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    I use the trailer to haul tent, sleeping bags and other assorted camping gear when I am on tour (typically stealth camping). Around town I use the trailer to haul groceries, etc.:D
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    Welcome to MBc. 'Bents - The wave of the future.