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  1. Hi from sunny Aus.
    Just finished my 1st 50cc 2 stroke on an old 27" ebay bike. Went together well and will send some photos shortly - only real problem was getting the idler to keep the right adjustment - bigger bolts and the welder finally fixed it. Seen some threads on the gearbox whine - will going wet quieten it down?
    I am seeing more motorized bikes around my area - 3 now and rising, easy to see why - lots of fun.
    Having the bug properly I have just ordered a 4 stroke kit and hoping it is here pre Xmas and got some plans for mods to the 2 stroke bike to eliminate the chain idler - another source of noise

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    how wet are you talking?
    here's a link on lubing the gearbox.....


    Welcome to MBc
  3. Hey Dave
    After reading various threads re part filling gearboxes with trans fluid, mixtures of trans fluid/gearbox oil etc, i wondered if this might help quieten down the gearbox whine
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    The threads you are reading about wet gearboxes are the Grubee gearbox on the 4 stroke kit and that is not even recommended by some as they are back to using grease.

    Do not put any fluids in the 2 stroke motors clutch
    That would make the dry friction plate clutch slip as well as ruin all the pads

    You can't even use some greases that are too thin on the gears as they
    will get on the pads too
    I like "Super Lube" grease by Synco, its sticky and white.
    I see it for sale on Amazon

    Most of the 2 stroke motors i am seeing now come dry with NO grease at all on the right
    side gears.
    Do not run them dry, you will wear metal off the gears and they will be noisy(er)
    They do have some grease on the clutch actuator arm.
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  5. Thnx for the advise