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    Well, I have been searching for a long time on this board so i decided i should join and make my presence know. Stats: 55 years old in Nov. used to be in good shape (walked 550 miles across spain 3 years ago). Been reducing my carbon footprint. sold car and ride scooter. no longer a jock so i dont care if i am not a purest biker. looking at the cattrike expedition or an ICE-T recumbent. want three wheels for better comfort and something to put a shell over when raining or cold. would like electric but can not go long distances. so looking at an engine to attach. need to beef up tires. maybe put engine on a push trailer so it can be decoupled when i want. Interested in 15mile oneway to work and some long distance touring.

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    Looks like you know what you want! There are a number of trike riders here. Look over Staton's "gallery", there are a number of recumbent trike install pictures.
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    knowmad, probably your best sources of info on the board are going to be alaskavan, vegaspaddy, azbill & vinnie, eastwood04. All are experienced trike builders, and alaskavan commutes on his recumbent tadpole stretched trike pretty much daily, in some pretty rugged weather. His build thread contains a wealth of info.

    If you are looking to do some long distance touring you could hardly go wrong with a tadpole ecumbent trike. Set up properly you have lots of cargo room, more comfortable riding posture for the long haul, and a really responsive, stable ride.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you sir for the names. so many decisions. feel like a kid again :)