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    Hey guys

    My name is Damien and I live in Adelaide South Australia

    When I was a kid I always wanted to motorize my bike. Well here I am at age 30 doing it. I have just finished installing a Chinese engine kit to a 700c flat bar road bike. I bought a spare motor for when this one dies which from what I have heard might not be too long. I have yet to run it maybe tonight I will mix up some petrol and start the run in procedure.

    Also in the planning stages of fabricating and mounting a 70cc four speed auto clutch engine from a dirtbike which i have lying around. Into some frame which is yet to be decided. I can imagine the many headaches this project will bring.

    Also I would just like to say I think this forum is great. There is a lot of useful info to be found on here. And I am enjoying reading through.

    Thanks guys

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    Hey guys just a quick update I mixed up some fuel at 16 to 1 ratio. Filled her up peddled out my driveway. Let out the clutch spluttered once or twice kept peddling a few seconds. Then she came to life and started buzzing up the road. I then proceeded to cruise around a few block radius for 15 minutes or so. when I came to the first stop I noticed she wasnt idling. A few turns of the idling screw solved that. And off I went again trouble free cruising around at half throttle.

    So overall a good experience we will see what the next few rides bring. I was also surprised how smooth the ride was. With no where near as much vibration and exhaust sound I thought there would be. The bike also handled very well with its fairly skinny wheels. Can't wait to run it in now.

    Thanks for listening
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    Hey again its 9 o'clock at night kids are asleep. Time I think to venture out again for the second ride to continue running in. Heres a pic I just took


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    Nice looking bike.

    Welcome aboard. :D
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    Looks like you've done a nice job.
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    Thanks for the comments guys. On last nights ride i noticed she wasn't accelerating at around three quarter throttle. So when I got home I pulled the plug and noticed it was wet. So i took off the carby pulled it apart inspected everything. Moved the c clip on the pin up a notch to lean it out. And put it all back together making sure it was all tight. gapped the plug and hopefully the issue is sorted. Im hoping it is fixed but it may also be the fact I had to install the carby an a bit of an angle we will see.
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