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  1. Getmore

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    Newbe here. I just came across a project bike looking forward to get it done. The bike is a Genesis oynx 29 I am currently rebuilding the motor. Bill

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  2. dougsr.874

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    I've seen several of these bikes with the spokes ripped out of the 29" rim....they aren't very strong rims...
  3. Getmore

    Getmore New Member

    I don't know the term nipples on a bike? Thanks for the warning on the rims.
  4. Rusty1

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    Hello, looks like itll be a fun build.
  5. Getmore

    Getmore New Member

    Thanks how slow is this web site now days. I tryed to move this over to projects thread and it has not popped up. at first I thought I did some thing wrong on the the thread starter so I wrote it again with pics and it has been a hour now and still has not popped up yet. So now I am seeing what happens her on this thread. I have never seen a web site take so long to show a thread. Maybe there is a better web site out there for my needs. Amazing days later and its there.
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