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    some what new to this. built my first bike a few months ago. ive put about 4 or 5 hunderd miles on now and had to put a new chain on.i have the small slant motor. i runs ok but dosnt have the power id like it to have. 11728710_10205484820099098_7700411397134781605_o.jpg its a cool bike thow......

  2. LR Jerry

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    Looks good; however, a year from now you'll have made all kinds of changes. That's just the way it is with these bikes.
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    LR Jerry's right, these are a tinkerer's delight! Welcome to the hobby. You started with a good bike, lots don't. As for power, these carbs are jetted too rich from the factory, so leaning it out will help a lot. They come stock with a #70 jet; mine runs great with a #62 @ 900ft altitude. Play around with the needle also, it's free horsepower and really helps with idle and part-throttle performance.
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    point me to a thread on carbs here?thanks
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