Hi all.


motor puzzle

After many weeks of reading through your fine website it's time to say, Hello!
I'm Carlos from Easton, CT. I'll be attempting to motorize a Spoiler. I ordered my engine and some parts to work with the chopper frame from livefastmotors. I received the engine last week and started the install this weekend. yeaow!! I also have on the way a 24 x 4 rim and tire to replace the 20 x 4 that comes with the spoiler. First hurdle I ran into was that the sproket adaptor that I ordered from livefast did not fit on the spoiler rear hub because the hub has a disk brake mount which is part of the hub and that gets in the way. The sproket adaptor works with the regular stingray hub. I went to the dump this weekend to get rid of some trash, and what was sitting there on the metal section? Yep, an old stingray with the hub I needed. Life is good!


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Nov 4, 2006
welcome to MBc :cool:
Is the old stingray hub a part of this puzzle?

I dig the Spoiler...can't wait to see more.
Feel free to start a project thread in "General Discussion". with pics.....we need pics.:D

and Yes,

Life aint bad!!

motor puzzle

Project Thread coming soon.

Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I'll start a project thread as I'm sure it will be interesting to some people in the train-wreck kind of way. Plus, I hope members can offer guidance if I get stuck or start doing something too stupid. So far nothing has worked as easily as I thought, but then again it wouldn't be fun if it did.
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