hi all



I am new to forums in general, so sorry in advance if if I break any protocols.

I recently was given a cruiser bicycle with a spitfire 48 cc motor on it. I haven't gotten to try it out yet, as I am not sure of the type of oil to mix with the gas. I am also not sure of the ratio. It hasn't been run in a year or more I am told, so hopefully it will run. The tank was stored without fuel, so that is good at least.

thanks for any help


good start...you're new but now we know, which makes a huge difference to staff...thank you. any problems with forum usage, just go to the "forum help" area and ask away. useful links are in my signature :)

go to the "Garage" and start reading about "Frame-Mount" drive-trains. and, Pablo's just started an interesting topic about pre-mix ratios in the "Bicycles, Engines, Motors, blah blah..." section, have a look at that also. take your time, take your time...read read read the forums, you'll be an expert 'afore ya know it ;)

welcome to the MBc :cool:


Welcome to the group. You will figure the forums out pretty quick. And while we have several welders, mechanics, and a lawyer, I dont believe we have any rocket scientist. Unless you are the first? BUt WELCOME to the group from the Giant Side of Texas!