Hi. Any motorized bmx bikes?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rkwfxd, May 27, 2011.

  1. rkwfxd

    rkwfxd New Member

    Howdy. Just joined. I searched for bmx but got now hits. Looking to mount motor above rear wheel and behimd seat. I am prepared to fab and weld.

  2. kmx

    kmx New Member

    just finished one this week. bout to post pics in another thread.
  3. PatrickW

    PatrickW Staff Member

    Welcome to MBc. That is not a very unique problem you have. Several manufacturers, our sponsors, make kits to solve your problem admirably. One is Staton-inc, another is Golden Eagle. Both are reputable and reliable. We also have sponsors equally reputable who make kits that will mount over the rear wheel, and to the rear of the seat. Again, welcome to the MBc.
  4. rkwfxd

    rkwfxd New Member

    Thanks guys. I have gone to both of those sites - not quite was I want to do. I want a chain drive, not friction, and I want to be able to start the engine by peddling.

    Something similar to this:


    But I am thinking I will extend the "rack" a bit so that the motor and exhaust is not so close to my rear.
  5. rkwfxd

    rkwfxd New Member

    OK well that did not last long.

    New plans:

    Find a quality kit to install on the 1997 GT LTS-3 that I have just sitting on my patio.

    The bike has been well used and beat over the years - I rode it everyday for about a year, then my son beat the snot out of it and then my wife started cruising the neighborhood with it because she liked the soft ride. When it left me it was all in good working order but now it looks like shift levers etc are cracked and/or broken. But the frame is still solid.

    I know I can mount a disk up front and I think I can mount one in the rear. I am thinking step on will be to completely re-build and freshen up the bike, brakes, shifters, maybe even new wheels and tires.

    Now to start searching kits to install.
  6. DuctTapedGoat

    DuctTapedGoat Active Member

    Lol, why didn't it last long? The mounts at deadlybmx are cool - I'm going to be getting a rig like that set up for my brother.
  7. rkwfxd

    rkwfxd New Member

    Yes they are, very cool. But when I first started looking at them I had completely forgotten about the full suspension GT out in my shed. I think I would rather motorize that than buy a BMX bike to work on.
  8. DuctTapedGoat

    DuctTapedGoat Active Member

    Full suspension isn't going to be easy - you're limited to a rackmount motor.
  9. Matt Barrack

    Matt Barrack Member

    Not my vid but I found this