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    Good Mornin all, from the great white north, EH! U can call me walt or cyberwalt, JUst checkin out the site and likin what i see, ive been motorin since nov with a pk 80cc on my mountain bike, and i love it, allways lookin to get more power. RR-RR-RRR what brought me here was my magnito has gone for the second time allready. first time it got wet and zb sent me a new one, now i cant see any reason other then there cheap.so now im waitin for some doe to get another and a tuner carb, cant wait. ive been tring to learn how to fix or rewind them but havnt had much luck(yet). so i live in guelph ont Canada, im an unemployed welder, bodyman, mech, fabricator stayin home to raise my 2yr old daughter while the wife goes to collage. im 33 so thats me great to be here, looks like im gonna find lots of help here i hope, and willing to offer what ever i can to help anyone, iknow how much it sucks to be down, specially when the"Better?" half has the car.:-/

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    welcome Walt

    sometimes we may think we are down
    then we realize we are blessed as we
    thank the big guy for
    family, food, roof and motor bikes

    keeps it pretty simple

    we love to ride those MB THINGS
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    cyberwalt...if you need any help with employment I know bunch of pleces in Edmonton, AB that are looking for good guys, welders, fab etc PM me if you are interested I will send you some contacts.
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    welcome walt :)
    I spent some time in guelph back in the 70's
    (born in Hamilton, been in the states for 4 yrs)
    pretty little town :)