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    I decided after a month of reading the posts I would introduce myself [might have to make up a handle]. My name is Mowen, from Chilliwack BC., CA. After my Yamaha 2009 TW200 was stolen, I needed an affordable mode of transport, for fishing and back/forth to work . A guy gave me his 26" Norco Mountaineer SL. Because I owned an electric Scooter @ $1900.00, that option was too expensive for what I got. I should have gotten a cheap bicycle and put a motor on it. Well I got the bike and the engine, a 66cc Zoom engine from EHBC distributors, here in Poco for $135. Put it together, but it was not right, running too rich and the clutch cable had way too much tension, until it broke. Thanks to this site I found how to adjust the needle valve in the carb. I ripped the engine apart, sealed it all with gasket seal, adjusted the tension spring inside the clutch assembly, still too much tension so I rigged up an external spring to help relieve the tension. Now happy it works fine, getting 46K for speed. Bought a Generator and charger from Mightywonderful. looking forward to juicing this mother up to see what I can get out of it, without the Head exploding.

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    welcome to the form glad to here you found your answer here its a great place to learn and help, each other , and keep up with the latest
    It been my experience ever time you thank you know it all about these kits you learn something new, and come to realize you will never know it all about these kits.

    Welcome again and enjoy your 1 of a Kind Nice looking MB