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  1. FlowsLikeARiver

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    I used to live at the beach and had an old dusty Del Mar laying around ever since I moved to a dirt road out in the country. First time putting a motor on a bicycle. Your typical all the chinese parts crap out and potmetal is no good scenario, but I think I have her pretty reliable and it's a fun ride.......as long as I don't attempt to jump on the rear pegs and ride a wheelie at 30 mph anymore that is :p

    Had to cut the front fender to fit the caliper brake, that made it floppy so I welded a strip of metal underneath it. fit the standard stem headlight mount for use as a bracket over the springer's spring. Bent some gas tank mounting hardware to float the light under the banana seat. Used an old ape hanger that was damaged to extend my header and add about a 2 ft section of pipe to the sbp expansion chamber kit......stock was all up in the way of everything....extended looks better to me and it idles like a school bus lol. I used engine enamel and it holds up pretty well, except for a stress crack in the gas tank which dumped gas on some of it and I had to do some touch-up.......flying down dirt roads on it is fun, but it gets dirty very fast. Let me know what yall think

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  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. Love that exhaust.
  3. LR Jerry

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    Really nice work. I like your idea on reinforcing the fender. Are your rear lights just brake and tail? The suspension sissy bar is nice to.
  4. Stoltzee

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    Nice build FLAR (I'm lazy). Love the banana seat, and have to ask where you found those wide handle bars?
  5. FlowsLikeARiver

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    Thank you guys. The suspension sissy bar had to be reinforced, as I'm 6ft 2inches and over 200lbs.........the springs would bottom out if I hit a bump, really bad with that rear light under the seat getting smashed. Disassembled them and I had a spring from Tractor Supply laying around...mind you not a spring built for compression, just a normal spring that was wide enough to thread the rod through, used it as a spacer so the stock springs don't give as much, worked like a charm, shot a little clp, well for civilians that would be Break Free....on the springs to stop them from creaking (I also build firearms lol)

    Handle bars I got off Amazon, they are by Nirve I believe. Those two lights are all thats back there, reinforcing the fender was required after snipping out enough to fit the brake caliper on. The unfortunate thing is....that I run the weld pit at a steel plant, we use good welding machines but I can't bring stuff in to work on, so I had to use my buddy's flux core no gas welder......glad its on the underside, talk about porosity lol.

    Exhaust was a extended bc I didn't wanna lose the double kickstand its a heavy bike now. Appreciate the feedback yall.
  6. LR Jerry

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    You may want to consider a suspension seat post also.

    SANDSA Member

    Bike turned out great,love the seat.hey.hope you weren't wearing flip flops at the beach,standing on the rear pegs "hotfoot weelies at30mph hurts"
    nice job!
  8. FlowsLikeARiver

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    No flip flops but both shoes did fly off my feet when I took the tumble lol
    I do have a suspension seat post but I can't use it, the way it mounts will work for a saddle type seat b/c it has a different top......not your typical cylinder, the one I have has a 2 part clasp deal that would work on a saddle seat but a no go on the banana.

    Any idea which suspension seat posts have normal tops? and would work on a banana
    btw mine is by UNO-the one that won't work with the banana
  9. FlowsLikeARiver

    FlowsLikeARiver New Member

    Ordered a sunlite one (susp seat post) doesn't have the clasp top