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    Hi everyone,
    I wish I could post a short bit about myself...but right now I am in need of some serious help with my bike. I bought a kit from powerkingshop on ebay and I am 90% complete with installing it and I ran into a huge problem. My clutch does not dissengage...it is always engaged! I looked at the opposite side of the clutch and the two gears(small one comming from crankshaft, and the larger that turns the chain) are alway together..they dont seperate even if the clutch lever is loose.
    What can I do??
    Any help would be awesome!
    Thank You

  2. srdavo

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    and those gears will always be together.

    the clutch is inside the larger gear.

    did you get installation instructions with your kit?
  3. austin635

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    Ok thank you but...
    how does it disengage?
    I got the instructions but they are very vauge...
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  4. Did you get an answer? I bought my kit from the same people and on my engine the clutch arm is pulled by a cable that ataches to a brake style lever that attaches to the handle bars. When the clutch arm is pulled that disengages the clutch, when the arm is loose the clutch is engaged. hoped that helped. Or mabye I misunderstood your problem.
  5. BoltsMissing

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    1. take up the slack at the end of the cable
    2. pull the lever in and press the pin so it stays in
    3. with the cover already removed ( right side) you will see the T-Nut.
    4. remove the tiny screw that stops the T-Nut from turning.
    5. using a wide scredriver, screw in the T-Nut, not tightened, just finger tight.
    6. back off 1/4 to 1/2 a turn then screw in the tiny lock screw, or back off till the back wheel of the bike spins and the motor don't spin. That is the "dis-engaged position of ya clutch adjustment.
    7. release the clutch lever and try to wheel the bike and see if the engine turns to, that is the engaged clutch position.
    8a. re-tension the cable again at the end, chances are, it has stretched a bit by then.
    8b. keep testing and repeat steps 5 and 6.
    9. if clutch cable keeps stretching, replace the cable with a heavy duty stainless steel non MiCh brake cable.
    Repeat the process but ya only going stretch a new HD SSteel cable once or twice, unlike the MiCh cable it keeps stretching.

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    Ok thank you everyone!
    Wow I just re-read my previous post and i definatly was pretty frantic. I've now got the bike put together...and with everyones help here on the fourm figured out the problem. Some how the insides were jamed and didnt allow for proper spinning. I got it all fixed and took it out for its first spin and the master chain link snapped, and got twisted really bad. This was because the chain was not properly aligned so it bent and snapped.
    Good news is that the engine did start up fine!
    Thank You evryone and I will post pictures tommarow hopefully.
  7. austin635

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    So I got the chain fixed and I went out to try it and there was no power??
    It was bogging down and there was just no power?
  8. Bronzebird

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    Next time you cut chain to length inspect the inner most hollow pin on the inner link. I found that in the process of cutting to lenght on of the ends of the pin popped out of the link! My first ride would have ended up just like yours if I did not catch the "weak link". I suggest you but a "matched chain" and take your rear tire with you when you buy it! And "o-ring" chain will be the best choice if available?? Speaking of this problem worries me that someone may get injuried if the chain breaks at the wrong time and place.
    Better Luck on your next chain, and let us know what kind you got?
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    Did your vague instructions talk about the choke on the carby? If its firing and you have no power open up the choke.
  10. BoltsMissing

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    Chains, many of us have found a solution to the chain issues with a BMX chain, thanks to Fetor, credit.
    See pic, it's size or part number is K910 Kool- freestyle.
    You have to purchase 2 cos they are a few links short, so you need to purchase a chain breaker that fits those chains and use one chain as "sacraficial". Down the track if you build another bike, you only need to purchase 1 and remove a few links if required from the existing "sacraficial" chain and so on till it runs out, depending on how many builds you propose to do.
    I'm not sure if here localy we can buy chains in bulk and cut to length.

    No Power
    You need to tell us what you have already done cos it could be a list of many things, most are solvable.
    SimonA has already mentioned the choke.
    It could then be your plug gap, and you need to use the NGK B6HS not the plug that comes with the kit. Gap can be .025 ( 25 thousanths of a inch, about the thickness of a regular hacksaw blade).
    It gets better, move on to you plug lead, find a better copper lead.
    And better still, the plug cap, get a NGK Right Angel Plug Cap.
    Many have found these are the basics to progressively improving your HT.
    Keep reading, post some pics. would help us in what you are doing.

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    Alright so....
    Not only am I down a motorized bicycle , my camera is broken as well.
    I tinckered on the bike for hours on end last night and this morning and have had no success. Im running it on mix gas that we use around the house for weed-whips and chainsaws. I took the gearbox cover off(houses big and small gear) And took the bike out to see if those two were engaging and they were. I messed with the choke. Nothing.
    The thing is, is that the engine starts when the clutch is released but wont stay runing...it starts to bog down if I dont peddal/or if I twist the throttle. Maybe it is the spark plug...but if it were the spark plug why wopuld it even start in the first place?

    The kit came with 3 wires that exit from the coil inside the engine. the colors are blue, black, and white. The blue and black were connected to the spark plug generator box, and the white was connected to the killswitch(whitch doesnt work either).
    So what should I try next?
    THank You
  12. BoltsMissing

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    Use the search function and read up
  13. austin635

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    Ok im not an idiot...
    Before I even drempt of posting I searched the forums for this problem and nothing helped.
    Go ahead and show me if you can find somebody with this exact same unique problem.

    I bought the spark plug that was recomended by you all and installed that and it still did the same thing. If the spark plug is not firing(for instance the coil is not generating a spark) What would the engine do?

    I also emailed powerkingshop about the problem, I hope he/she will help me find the problem(manufacture malfunction) If not I guess I just wasted 175 dollars on nothing...Its been awhile since I've been this frustrated. Total hours put in to this project: 14.
  14. BoltsMissing

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    http://www.beta.id.au/2 Stroke Fuel-Oil Ratios.htm

    Use the correct fuel ratio, 16:1 for a new engine.
    Forget about the white wire for now, disconnect the kill switch, no switches at all infact.
    So it's blue on blue and black on black, clean. Tape the end of the white wire so it don't earth out, and BTW, white wire is not kill switch wire.

    Check for spark, by removing spark plug, place plug on some part of the motor, engage clutch, pedal and see if it sparks.
    If you got spark and correct fuel ratio, not ya stale weed eater fuel, it should fire up.

    Fix camera.
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  15. austin635

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    I actually found the problem! The black and blue wires that come from the coil leading to the spark plug were touching causing a constant short. Ive only had the bike run a couple of times and now it will just start up and die. So I talked to someone from powerking and they belive that since I was contantly shorting the wires either the coil or black generator box are broken.
    Which should I replace first? Which one is more likely to be the current trouble maker?

    Thanks For all the Help!
  16. BoltsMissing

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    Try this to test first, the connectors at the end of those blue and black wires are not always connecting, cut them off, and join the wires by twisting and MUST wrap some electrical PVC tape to keep them insulated. Start it up and see if that solves the problem. If it does, then you have found a possible cause. You may either leave as it is, or unwrap the insulation tapes one by one, untwist the wires and either use proper higher quality crimps, or solder the wires and wrap PVC tape again. If you decide to add a kill switch, leave the black wire going directly to the CDI and use the blue wire to circuit up a kill switch.
    If it's not the problem, then you may need to take a closer inspection of those wires at the magneto end or where they go into the black CDI part. Douptfull it is that, highly likely it's each of the crimp ends combind, resulting a overall drop in current, point is simply follow the wires and eliminate obstructions, to do the test.
    Others use meters to check the same, my bet is, it's the crimps
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    I have taken the crimps of and the wires are now capped(electrical caps...twist on's) And that was not the problem. So tommarow I will take a close look at the insides of the black box going to the spark plug. BoltsMissing you've been a great help..thank you.
  18. BoltsMissing

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    OK, now ya way past the intro bit, start a new thread in the appropiate 2 stroke forum with everything ya been thru, tried, tested and hope to progress from there.

    Welcome to MBc

    All the Best