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    Just got a Skyhawk gt5 kit and now I'm looking for an ideal donor bike, as both of my bicycles have sloped top tubes. I'm not really into the chopper or cruiser look, so I've been looking for the steel framed mountain frames with horizontal top tubes. All I've seen are aluminum with sloped top tubes. The only potential bike I have seen is the schwinn coffee. I'd rather not end up having to find a bike from the pawn shops. Does anyone know of a specific make and model that is currently sold. I'm really looking forward to putting one together. I'm 5'9" and about 140 lbs. Once the motor hits the powerband, will it scream? I have a 125 cc mx bike and wonder if this 66cc engine will provide that 2-stroke exhiliration. Thanks and happy riding!

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    Hi grubee newbie, and welcome to MBc. It appears as though you're looking just at new bikes, but don't discount the idea of an older bike being able to do what you want. You can get good steel-framed bikes with the "double diamond" frame (looks like an old Raliegh 3-speed) that will readily accept the engine without having to drill or get an adaptor for the frame (as is required with many bikes with oversized frame tubes).

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