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    HI all my name is Lincoln from "Quigley motorsport" (QMS) I am the South Australian rep for Stealth Electric bikes! I have been a bike enthusiast all my life and thought i would try to turn my passion for "everything bike related" into a business! I have worked as a specialist technician most of my life. I regularly commute and engage in off road riding XC Down hill ect. If anybody has any questions re Stealth Bikes feel free to contact me via my website http://quigleymotorsport.com
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    Welcome to the forum Lincoln! I PM'd you the rules. It's always great when your work is exactly what you enjoy doing. I ride downhill around SA too.
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    Welcome to the forum. You have a sharp looking site.
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    Thanks for the welcome wheelbender6:grin5:We have put a lot of work into the website:sweatdrop:
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    Thanks Anton for the rules and regs:bowdown: I am doing my best to enjoy every moment. It is a challenge sometimes though:thinking:
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    Hey guys
    Here is a pic of my ride! photos 049.jpg
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    Ahhh, that's interesting. A friend of mine who is a Victorian Highway Patrol Officer had a pursuit with one of these bikes - he clocked it at 80 km/h (50 m/ph).

    One of the reasons why the laws have changed in Victoria, making life a heck of a lot more difficult for everyone riding motorized bicycles, is the police pursuit with a Stealth bike.