Hi everyone here's my 1st build

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by dimsdale, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. dimsdale

    dimsdale New Member

    Hi from Jensen Beach Fla. :cool: I'm Chris, I've serviced everything from Lamborghinis to lawn mowers but this is my first motorized bike build. Let me know what you all think, keeping in mind many upgrades to come. Anyone in my area wana start a local club? Glad to be here! :devilish:

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  2. bAllah

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    Great lookin bike, dig the paintjob.

    That an ezm kit on aluminum cruiser?

    Im in gainesville, duno where Jensen is tho..

    Where'd you get that pipe? Is it loud?

    Just rode my trek with the gas tank between my legs, makes me think of setup like yours. Do you get enough fuel on that little incline?
  3. dimsdale

    dimsdale New Member

    hey thanks! Jensen Beach is 50 mi north of Palm Beach nex to Stuart. Yeah its a EZM on a steel frame with so much fabricating and engineering I musta put over 100 hrs into it yikes! This is a ongoing thing - still got lotsa ideas for it.

    The pipe haha - is copper water heater str8 and flex tubing, its LOUD but temporary, so loud I shoved a washer in it for now LOL. I'm making another outa steel pipe and a Briggs muffler.

    And the tank setup works good ... just enough incline at least when its more than 1/2 full - stay tuned LOL happy holidays!
  4. PatrickW

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    Hi there, Chris. Welcome to MBc...we're glad to have you as a member. Be sure to read all of the stickies at the top of each Forum, and read as much as you can. That is a very slick build of yours, be it a first build or tenth build...it could compete with all of them. Good Luck, and happy holidays.