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  1. Kepler

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    Hi Guys,

    I am relatively new to the motorized bike seen but have been a keen aero modeler for 30 years concentrating mainly on large electric RC Helicopters. This experience is proving handy with my builds to date and have converted 3 folding push scooters to electric using high powered RC gear. My current project is a full size folding scooter with a 2.5kW RC motor running of 10 Headway cells. This machine is good for just over 40 kph and has a range of 15km.

    My next project will be to convert my MTB to electric. This won't be anything ground breaking but want it to be a serious piece of kit running on 72V and probably a 408 motor at this stage.

    Anyway, I hope I can bring some useful discussion to the forum and look forward to learning from other people's experiences.



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  2. ibdennyak

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    We have several *electric nuts* here with room for more.:jester: Welcome
  3. professor

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    Are you in the UK or down under by any chance? Those scooters look scary to me, I'm glad you are doing a bike! Welcome to Motoredbikes!

    I made a Mongoose into an E-bike with scooter parts (goes slow-just right for me).
    Working on E-bike with on-board 24v generation (winter project)
  4. Kepler

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    I'm down under. Melbourne Australia to be exact. The scooter is surprisingly stable although I don't recommend going 40 kph to often :helmet:. I tend to cruise at around 25 to 30 kph which is quite compfortable
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  5. professor

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    There's a couple of guys from your neck of the woods that are into electrics, AussieSteve and AussieJester come to my mind. Sharp guys. Check out the Electric section.
  6. Kepler

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    I've read lots of their posts on the other bike forum. Lots of good information picked up so far.