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    Howdy. I want to thank all who post here. The info I got from reading many of your posts helped me alot in putting my first motor in. The frame is a schwinn. I decided to use the BIG tires, which turned out to be a challange as almost every part of the drivetrain had to be tweaked, ofset motormounts, space hub, redish , crank adapter, ya gotta be dedicated to these big tires to get em to work, but it all seems to be workin fine. I am waiting on some 8-mm threadstock to build new cyl-head studs with. One of the ones from the factory was stripped and not holding. Gave me a chance to polish and match the ports and a few other things.

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    welcome to the monkey house. those big tires really set off your ride.
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    welcome to the world of mb's. :grin5: Dang, those big tires make it look like a beast. Great job on the build, nice lookin bike. XD