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    HI, Introduction time ay. Aaron is my name, from Adelaide sth oz, 42 yo and been playing with bikes since the age of 4, pedals or engine, dirt or road, love em all.Got a 48cc about two months ago to do around 220 km a week to and from work as well as just buzzing around with a few mates ,Fitted into a mid 90s cr mo mtb. Done a few mods being. . . . Machined 1mm off cyl head and machined a squish band(did not have one ) b6hs, silicone plug lead and good cap,cleaned up exhaust /port area, o ring in carb to manifold join,41 tooth sprocket,cut internal pipe in baffle and put small rubber blocks between cylinder fins (old mx style) .Will do more soon including design/make expansion chamber. Oh, nearly forgot ,got a sbp jack shaft kit just no time to fit it yet.
    Cheers Aaron.

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    welcome Aaron

    maybe share some pictures when you have the chance

    have fun as you ride that motor bike THING