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    I apolgize for posting on a *motorized* forum
    I had been reading a thread on here about vintage bikes w/o/ motors and decided to post.
    Again, sorry happy biking

    My past time is looking at wonderful older bikes online and trying to learn about all bikes and try to find out about one I have had since the 80's

    but first a sob story, lol
    My Dad gave me a Western Flyer for my 9th B-Day and it was stolen a week later when my older brother rode it to the store, w/o permission
    Anyway my Dad took me to the the place where the police kept stolen/impounded bikes but we never found it (imagine that)

    Several months later my Dad passed away and we went to live with an aunt an uncle, never got another bike until I was an adult and some friends bought a Western Flyer Trophy from a garage sale and gave it to me. I rode it 4 times and it hangs in a bedroom now as I type and has since the last time I rode it

    I have tried to find out about it but can't find anything online

    Any ideas ?
    Thanks for any help
    and I really like reading all of the posts here and looking at the wonderful pics
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    Welcome to the board. I like old bikes myself, & enjoy riding them. I had a couple of Western Flyers myself, as a kid. Join this website, post your ??, & you will get answers.

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