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    Hello guys, i live in the UK and i have a 4 stroke Chinese 49cc engine i fitted to my mountain i purchased this from YXM Zone and runs good, i have just purchased a black mountain bike with a 49cc 2 stroke engine already fitted it was going on ebay at a bargain price of £140 the guy had only rode it 3 times so was like brand new. i have rode it a few times but it needs some adjustments and also it's not run in yet? i'm have problems starting it now:icon_cry: but i will have a look at some of the posts in this forum to see if i can find some answers to my problem if not i will put a post in an appropriate forum for your help.:rolleyes7:

    i would have liked to put some pics of my bikes but i don't know how to do that yet? :confused:

    Best Regards Steve.
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    Welcome aboard, Steve.

    You'll likely find your answer in these threads. So you're on the right track.

    Have fun.
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    Welcome from Oz

    Hey Steve..ENO (Down Under)..Welcome to the MBc Global Workstation and Information Center..Good to have some Brits on board..Pics?..When you choose your pics go to freeware "Easy Thumbnails" (to reduce your pics to 600/600 so the attachment accepts it) / Click "Attachment" below your reply window / click "Browse" / select and upload...Lots of great info, help and experienced guys here..Always use SEARCH first..See ya ENO.
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    hi ENO, I married a Aussie but she could not stand the cold here and i could not stand the heat there, so we went are separate ways, she lives in brisbane but we still keep in touch, i sorted my bike problem it was the clutch that needed adjusting not sure if it still needs more adjustment thro ? see my post.

    regards Steve.