HI everyone!

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    Hey folks!
    The name's Jason and I am going to building a motorized bicycle to get around town with. Kind of an interesting story of how this all came to be. I wasn't intending on doing this but because I have all the parts I need to do it.. I am going to build one. The Bike is a Schwinn beach cruiser its a girls bike but I think I can use my fabrication skills to make it look decent. The motor is a Suzuki 50cc liberated from an itty bitty kids quad (got the quad for parts for another project) so I will be undertaking that in the next few weeks. but first I am going to search the board for what a decent size sprocket should be. so I am going to do some searching then ask y'all some questions thanks.

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    welcome from FH :)
    where in 'zona are you ?;)