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    Man I dig this site !!!! I bought a 49cc kit from a kid this past summer and put i
    t to gether and when I went to start it ....BAM the thing broke !!! I was mad !!!
    I only spent 35 bucks on it but still was mad !! The left side of the case where the clutch cover goes on top right when looking at ti had snapped right off !!! Sooooo I put some JB weld on it to hold but I haven't tried it .....Would like to find a better way to fix or find a replacement case for it !! Any help will be appreciated !!!!!

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    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome vermhot. Good choice going to this site. It's the best so far.
    About yer clutch case, just go to e-bay and type in BICYCLE ENGINE. You'll get A LOT of motorized venders. You can check out some of the better venders as you go along. This is just the easiest way I can think of to get you started.
    Big Red.