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    Welcome to the form fellow newbie and a big Texas Howdy it's a great place for newbies.
  3. Welcome! from So Cal. Whatcha rid'in?
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    Im riding the bumblebeebolton..my buddy used to work for them and sold me one for cheap...but i rode it today and it was great a ride..i just found a propane motorized bike made by lehr..im thinking about buying one to see how it works but its a little pricey..so i think im gonna try this bumblebee out and see how it works..my cousin bought one 2 years ago and he still has his..he says he rides it to work everyday! but thanks for the welcome!
  5. Sounds like your in for some fun times. Propane would solve alot of problems around here.
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    Ahhh, now i understand: FrictionNut used to work for Bumblebee bolt-on.

    It makes a lot more sense, now that we know this info, and explains why FrictionNut was pushing the Bumblebee concept so much on the forum...