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    hi all. My name is Sab, new member on here. I have come to this forum seeking advice about motorized bikes given that I have no license for the next 18 months. :icon_cry: I am firstly considering buying a cheap motor kit off ebay, a friend of mine used to have one but I dont know how reliable they are or expected mileage/lifespan. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers guys.

  2. professor

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    Hi Sab, check the laws there first.
    One of the guys on Motoredbikes is Fabian who is also form Aus. I think.
    These kits are a crap-shoot but they say the newer ones are better.
    I don't have one but have been here for a while.
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    ok, thanks for that. Ill keep researching.
  4. KCvale

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    I have had great luck with the 66cc Skyhawks from here.
    $176 delivered in the US, not sure about Australia.
    (secret tip) Add what spare parts you think you might want on the forms part count and get them at 55% off as well.

    If you plan to be creative with your gas tank and drive train you can get an un-assembled Skyhawk for a limited time for $99 delivered, again that free delivery is for the US.

    Not recommend for a beginner as it's just engine parts, the top option is better as I have around 80 builds with that kit for local customers and only seen 2 fail, both were from trying to run them on plain gas because 'I ran out of gas and just needed to get home' type excuses.

    Expensive mistakes.
    I bought a couple $99 motors anyway because the price was right and I can always use parts but prefer the full kit.

    As far as the E-bay itself, and the Happy Times and BoyGoFast kits on it, I avoid them all like an STD.
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    Firstly you need to accept that you are totally screwed. I say this because a friend of mine is in the (Victoria Police) Highway Patrol and we both went through what options he had to issue infringement notices to me as a fully licensed driver (including motorcycle licence) and it worked out to $3,000 in traffic infringement notices.
    If he went all out, with a person suspended from driving, DUI etc, he could hit that person for nearly $6,000 worth of traffic infringements; including court orders.

    As it stands, every day that i ride my motorised bicycle in Victoria, i'm risking $3,000 worth of traffic infringements if a police officer knows what he is looking at, and the Highway Patrol officers know what they are looking at.
    So far i haven't been pulled over, but i am particularly careful at how i ride, and where i ride, but, the day is coming when i come across a Police Officer who just wants to make an example of me. In saying, every day i ride, is another day closer that i come to getting $3,000 worth of traffic infringements.

    That said, i enjoy riding my motorised bicycle more than the $3,000 penalty, so i am going to keep on riding my bike.